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Private Cable Television Systems-

Private Cable Systems allow you to select the Television programming that best serves your needs and is both reliable and flexible, at prices less than typical Cable TV.

Cable Television Networks-

Our staff can design and install a cabling network that allows you to deliver quality programming throughout your property. Whether you need modifications made to an existing network or are starting from scratch, American TechCorp can design the network you need.

Community Information Channels-

What better way to communicate information throughout your facility than to have your own dedicated "In-house" video channel. Facilities have used this channel to display upcoming events, menus, birthdays and more. Guests and residents can view these events from the comfort of their own room.

Business Systems-

Whether your Business is a Restaurant/Bar, Nail Salon, Doctor's Office, Gym or any other type of office. We've got the solution for you. Available in both High Definition or Standard Definition.

Residential Systems-

Enjoy TV shows when you want to see them by using the new Genie System in your Home. In most cases the equipment and installation is free for a low monthly programming cost.

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